iunxi BV

iunxi BV is 100% owned Trixit Holding company. iunxi is a service provider and ICT knowledge center. Based on a MPLS based IPv4 and IPv6 network with private, peering and transit connections, iunxi offers high quality infrastructure solutions for its customers. Spread across two primary datacenters in Amsterdam and connecting several more, the most diverse and complex requirements can be met. The theoretical knowledge and practical experience enabled iunxi to provide its customers with optimal custom made solutions and support.

iunxi has been a key company for Trixit Holding to be able to create new businesses and its staff is very motivated and dedicated to develop, implement and support these new initiatives.

The name iunxi

The name iunxi originates in the Latin language and means "I have connected". This is a symbol for the cooperation within the company but also between the employees and its customers.

Company website

More information on iunxi BV can be found on its company website, http://www.iunxi.eu.

Contact Details

Trixit Holding B.V.
Radioweg 3
The Netherlands

+31 88 5400500




iunxi BV is a service provider and ICT knowledge center and delivers services that distinguish themselves in a positive way in areas like innovation, flexibility, efficiency and quality. iunxi believe in short communication lines, personal contact and creative ideas.

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