Our Mission

"The mission of Trixit Holding BV is to create, develop and grow new, technologically advanced ideas and projects into new independent businesses while ensuring that employees can utilize their knowledge and experience in a new, useful but also attractive and fun environment."

In creating new business opportunities, Trixit Holding works together with other partners, companies or individuals, each of them have their experience and knowledge in fields like sales and marketing or in a specific target area. Trixit Holding maximizes synergy by using its existing capabilities, investments and relationships in the development of new ideas and projects.

Contact Details

Trixit Holding B.V.
Radioweg 3
The Netherlands

+31 88 5400500




iunxi BV is a service provider and ICT knowledge center and delivers services that distinguish themselves in a positive way in areas like innovation, flexibility, efficiency and quality. iunxi believe in short communication lines, personal contact and creative ideas.

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